Turbans and Tales Book Launch At The National Army Museum

Turbans and Tales is the last chapter of a project started in 2013 by photography and directing duo, Amit and Naroop. Titled the Sikh Project, it explored the way the turban was worn but modern Sikhs.

The duo photographed thirty four UK Sikhs and thirty six US Sikhs and held exhibitions in London and New York. Since September 2016, the exhibition has been touring America.

Combining the seventy two portraits into a two hundred and forty five page best selling book, Turbans and Tales was released on 24/01/19 through Unbound Publishing and funded by the Ford Foundation. The book launch was held at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London to a full house.   

To give context to the significance of the turban, through previously unpublished and rare pictures, Turban and Tales also documents the journey of the turban from its roots in early India, to its evolution through the Mughal, Sikh and British Empires.

With the combination of eye catching imagery and the unbelievable true stories of the Sikh subjects photographed, the message Turban and Tales promotes is very significant for today’s socio-economic climate. 

Identity, individualism and inclusiveness should be promoted and respected. Diversity is the fabric of life. Organisations and society need the courage to embrace the ever changing face of today’s world. It takes strength to stay together. It takes resilience to stick to ones values. 

Turbans and Tales provokes positive conversations about identity and will reframe the way minorities are seen. 

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Amit and Naroop - Book Launch Presentation

Video Diary - Shooting The Sikh Project

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